The tale of a shy, introverted blogger



The story is simple.

A  shy girl with big ideas!

She lives her life tipping the far edge of the introverted scale.

She believes most of her life

Something is wrong, seriously wrong with her

She tries all the tricks in the book

to be jovial, positive and well liked.

But can’t see that she already is.

Because she blames her weight

She blames society

She blames her upbringing

She blames HERSELF


She believes in her heart

this is who she should be

That is who she sees

The blond that everyone loves

But her true nature is this girl


Perfectly happy with a good book

and a better laugh

then she discovers

She has turned a corner


Her health and living life to the fullest

is important

More important than the scale or her appearance


She has been spinning her wheels

trying to change

who she thinks is not enough

spinning wheels

Her focus has been trying to change

out of being  a social introvert

instead of honoring the

creative shy writer


introverted stimuli that feeds her

Thank you Susan Cain


and C. Hope Clark


You put words to the voice I’ve always heard

but never believed!

Time to walk a different path!


Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop


  I spent a lot of my life within the catch 22 mindset between positive thinking and  “waiting for the other shoe to drop”! You know, just as things seem to be going really, really well BAM! It feels as if I have fallen of track, put in a holding pattern, and it seems longer to […]

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Fear & Loathing in Diet&Exercise

hilda yoga

Have you ever been so excited about a plan coming together that you want to shout it from every street corner and mountain top?  You know, that latest and greatest plan, you have been preparing yourself for, for a very long time!  You know in your heart and even deep in your soul it is […]

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Ego Depletion: Willpower Burnout

lego habits

Mindmapping is a technique I learned a long time ago.  While this is not one of mine, it certainly illustrates the multitude of thoughts and habits needed to live among the 5 pillars of health.  It all sounds so easy at first.  Mind, Water, Breath, Nutrition, & Exercise. Now, if you look at all the […]

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Unconscious Body

This year, I decided a goal for me was to become a “Curvy Yoga” teacher.  I gave myself a 5 year goal.  Intuition and maybe morning pages writings point me toward this direction.  I checked into the cost of training, the amount of hours, and asked myself why I feel so strongly about this and […]

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The Softer Side of Strength


How do you define Strength?  Now, how do you describe Exercise?   What are the feelings that each of those stir within you? Write those down and set them aside for a minute or two. I did this questioning a while back and it set me on a path that seemingly flipped my world upside […]

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Subtle Changes


   What weighed on my mind during my hiatus was, Where do I go from here?  I discovered my love of writing through the comfort zone of  decorative journals when I started writing morning pages 20 plus years ago.    Eventually, that evolved into blog writing and the pursuit of my art with words.   […]

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Live Life Brilliantly – Madison – Reed

New Me

Have you ever had a bad hair day? How did it make you feel? Did it ruin your entire day? For me, it is worse than the feeling of stepping on the scale and seeing the needle move in the wrong direction! Not any more~ Just like my tagline – It’s the Attitude, Not the […]

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Letting Go of Disappointment


Disappointment seems to be the hardest thing for me to let go of.   In fact, it is the hardest “feeling” for me to feel and, in the past, I have done some of my greatest mind tricks to avoid feeling it at all cost.   It is this feeling that has driven many behaviors […]

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Willing to Confront the Void


Art~ It moves you!  It stirs emotions, long held, that you may not acknowledge what they are. The piece on the left is “Freedom” by Zenos Frudakis and lives at 16th & Vine in Philadelphia.  It is a bronze sculpture that stands 8 feet tall and 20 feet long.   One day, I will go […]

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