Quiet Restoration


heartthroughtreesLife is funny sometimes.

Not ha, ha, LOL, type of funny

but ironically strange, coincidental,

and always seemingly moving us in directions

we didn’t realize we needed to go.

My last post, back in March, seems so far away,


seems just like yesterday.

From that post this paragraph:

My most profound action to date was closing down my bombshell facebook page.  I miss quite a few of the people but what it gave me was a renewed sense of who I am.  

A restoration of my own inner power and strength.  

It quieted the noise so I could truly listen!

There is no way I saw what was coming next!

The adventure of my word for 2014 *SELF*

was far deeper than I knew

and is taking me on an amazing journey

that only the true power of intention

and trusting spiritual forces can do.

Last Friday was my blogging anniversary.

6 years ago on that day, I set forth on a journey to fulfill an inner calling,

a longing to write and a deep desire to connect with like minded people,

that I could not seem to find in my own backyard……

or so I thought…..

I wanted and fully intended to produce a blog about an attitude

of creativity and spirituality

of spunk and sass

about being who you are beneath all the layers

of the would’s, should’s, and can’ts

beyond the practicality

of measuring our worth based on body size, or scale numbers.

It has been 4 big months of loss and change

But I am grateful

as within all of the stress of it

I found the quiet restoration of ME…

But more on that later….











Semblance of Order


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Ch.Ch.Ch. Changes

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