Beautiful Bombshells

I received the Beautiful Blogger Award again.  This time from Renee over at ReneW Your Space.   I think I will give her the title of The Organized Bombshell.

Now I am suppose to pass this on this on to 15 other blogs and tell you 7 things about myself.  Usually, I pass these awards on to all of you who visit but I will follow the rules this time.

But before I do, I have a challenging request of you. I have mentioned many times how I am learning to cook.  And as I explained yesterday, I am typically a right brained thinker.  On the recipe link, (Yes my links work now, and I am in the process of updating them)

I will be posting recipes I want to try or have caught my eye while thumbing through my cookbooks.  I would love it if you would add in the comments, something different you would do with the recipe.  Either redux it, add to it, or a substitution you would make!  This will help me see outside the left brain list of a recipe!

Now the Beautiful Blogger Award goes to these incredibly Beautiful Bombshells:

  1. Chunky Monkey Mama Gigi the Talks Directly to Me Heart Bombshell
  2. Fit to the Finish – Diane the Celebrity Bombshell
  3. Truth 2 Being Fit – Jody the Strong Bombshell
  4. Normal is a Cycle on the Washing Machine – Sarah Lulu the Spirit Filled Bombshell
  5. Catholic Pagan – June – The Dare to be Different Bombshell
  6. In Pursuit of my Inner Pin-up – Rapunzel -The Sassy Bombshell
  7. Shrinking Jill Jill the Diligent Bombshell
  8. Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat Rebecca – The Laughter Bombshell
  9. Your Mother Knows But Won’t Tell You Holly -The Queen of the Universe Bombshell
  10. Weighting Around Ellen The Love Yourself Bombshell
  11. Desperately Seeking a Size 10 Tina – The Lipstick Bombshell
  12. Write Brained Christina Lee The Writing Stylista Bombshell
  13. Secret in the Sauce – The Dynamic Duo Bombshells
  14. Cottage Garden Studio Sarah the Artistic Bombshell
  15. JewliaGoulia Julia – The Student Bombshell

I also want to add All Women Stalker    Denise (I believe) the Commenting Bombshell!  You honor me with your thoughts!

Now,   7 random things about me……….

  • Always wanted a motorcycle, but like the safety of doors, so I have a convertible instead.
  • I want to swim with the dolphins one day
  • My favorite flower is the star gazer lily
  • I always felt I was born in the wrong era
  • I visualized the house I current live in
  • My greatest honor is being a MOM
  • I love Blues Music


  1. Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting this. Thanks! I’ll work on this on my personal blog. Expect to see a link back. Hehehehe.

  2. I agree that you deserve all the rewards you are gifted with. And, I thank you for mine BBA. You certainly pegged me, my new jacket – Daring to be Different. Seems like some responses you accurately pegged other also. I truly enjoy your blog and sharing it. Keep it up! Blessed be, So Mote it Be, J – the Daring One.

  3. I’m totally with you on the motorbike thing. I love the idea of them, but am a bit scared of the actuality… :)

    (found you on Lady Bloggers btw)

  4. Congratulations on the Award and thank you for passing it on. I love that Bombshell title – I never thought I’d see it referring to me!

    Thanks for sharing the things about yourself – I covet your convertible. I drive a 12 passenger ugly van. . .

  5. Whoot I looooove that..the Artistic Bombshell…Jim thinks so too;) I had a convertable..don’t want another..a great big truck is what I want ..or a Jaguar!
    I so want to swim with dolphins..I do!
    I also visualized this sweet house..well mostly the street but the house too.
    Give me a good soundtrack anyday!
    Thank you so very much hon..I will embrace the bombshell in me hon:) Love, Sarah

  6. yeah– the writing stylista here–LOVE it and THANK YOU for my award!! I am not surprised you think your from the wrong era, girl!!

  7. Thanks Jules! I love that I am the Lipstick Bombshell! It is so totally perfect for me – and an honor. You rock, Girlfriend!

  8. Oh, I LOVE my new title as The Organized Bombshell :D HeeHee – Your safety with doors cracks me up, but I totally agree! ~ Renee W.

  9. Oh, Jules, thank you so much! I am so honored!! xoxoxox

  10. Jules, thank you so much! I so love the way you personalized each of us into a bombshell! I have never been called that! :-)

    You really deserve this. Such a great writer!

    I now have more sites to check out as well. They all sound wonderful & I have seen a couple of them.

  11. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for mine!

    I also want to swim with dolphins …and I love that you dreamt up your house. xxx

  12. @Salina I believe I belong back in the 50’s. Thanks for asking!

  13. I love it Laughter Bombshell! Thank you and what a gorgeous blog you have. I will be sharing you with everyone!

  14. Congrats on the award! You deserve it. Love reading your blog. I’m curious, which era do you think you belong in?

  15. Jules! Thanks for the award, I am so honored.

    Btw, I totally LOVE that one of your “random” things was your feeling that you were born in the wrong era. My sister and I talk about this all the time (and she just got a pin-up girl tat to cement that idea!)

    I am totally checking out the recipes section!

    Thanks again!