Where Do I Start?

Some days are a little harder than others to come up with something to write.  Where do I start?  Do I tell you about my food choices this week?  How I tried scallops last night and LOVED them!  Or do I tell you how much I miss my Wii.  It calls my name every morning with its “Measuring” “Measuring”  Or do I tell you about the vegetable dish I “threw” together with artichoke hears, asparagas and mushrooms.  Or how about how I was so proud of myself that I ate all my vegetables before my main dish to help fill me up and keep me on track.

Or how about how all the Girl Scout cookies scream my name every time I walk by the cupboard or out into the garage. Note to self – Get those darn things out of here!!!!  Or perhaps, I tell you about the book I am reading currently or another story about tattoos.  Or gosh, how I am reading labels and looking things up before I eat them.  Or how I feel that anger, especially passive anger, keeps us held back from our weight loss.  All these things run through my head this morning as I try and find something profound to write about.  Some days, its just not that profound.  Some days there isn’t just that WOW factor.  Some days it just is what it is.

The same with the weight loss journey.  Some days it is just what it is.  No profound movement on the scale.  No AHA moment to share.  Nothing spectacular, just another day.  But it is those days, in particular, that are the important ones.  Hard to believe but it is.  Those days when you just keep doing what your doing.  It takes a lot of those type of days to produce the end result.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by ALL the changes that this new lifestyle needs to have, remember it is the littlest things that will make the difference in the long run.  Where are you going to start today?  For me, I am going to go visit my Wii gal.  Even if I can’t do a full blown work out yet, I can start with just a short visit.  That is way better than nothing at all.  Kind of like this post…. Just something to stay connected!

How will you stay connected today?  What little thing can you do to keep moving? Or what one SMALL thing can you do to just get started?


  1. I always try to do one healthy habit despite the stress that comes with life. Usually this means keeping hydrated and full of water.

  2. You’re right, it is a bunch of small decisions that make really big differences. Sometimes it is exactly that daily grind that is the hardest to muddle though – I’m having that kind of day. Thanks for the pep talk.

  3. There! You’ve gone and done it. Now I want answers to all the little carrots you dangled. :)

  4. remember it is the littlest things that will make the difference in the long run

    So true Jules! Just keeping moving forward whether they are little steps or slightly bigger ones! Good for you!

  5. I loved this post. It really really made sense to me (maybe because I think in circles and jumbles anyway?). It actually reminded me (with a gentle kick in the butt) of all the resources I have at hand and got me thinking.

    Thank you!

  6. It’s SO hard to come up with something every day – which is probably why I write less often than I wish I could.

    I take the view that if you string together enough good days, it all adds up in the end – even the boring, uneventful days.

  7. I love how you can take all of your thoughts and make them relate to the weight loss journey. I can’t do that. I can be scattered and random and my brain gets jumbled and I can’t write a thing. It’s ridiculous sometimes. But then I think about this sentence you wrote: “Or how I feel that anger, especially passive anger, keeps us held back from our weight loss.” And you know what? I can pull it together for a moment to say AMEN to that. I need to work on letting that stuff go, because I only sabotage myself by holding onto it. Keeping it bottled up and obsessing over it, in my brain, keeps me from expressing myself the way I want to – on paper, on the blog, using my words. Thanks, Jules!