A Moment of Silence

OH! Thank Goodness its Friday!  Take a moment, breathe deep.  Think of one or two things you are grateful for!  RELAX!

Okay, that’s enough silence for now!

Tell me about your week!  How’s it going?  What are your plans for the weekend?

My week has been awesome!  Truly, it has!

My intro post for the WD Slimdown Project with Joy Bauer went up yesterday.  Thanks again, Shelley

I went to the doctor yesterday, for some follow-up and to get his blessing for the Slimdown Project!  I really, really don’t know how this happened.  All these months, back and forth on the scale, the emotions, the plateau, oh you know the story, well, my doc is pretty cool and supportive.  He went back into my weight history.  I have lost 12 lbs since February.  Honestly, it threw me for a loop.  It happened when I wasn’t looking!  It has really given me some momentum for preparing for this Slimdown project!

The Artist’s Way forum is starting up.  Hopefully, all of you that were interested got your emails.  I will be sending out updates and how it will all work this weekend.

Now, your turn!  What’s been going on with you?  Anything!  No formal post here.  Just friends chatting!  Tell me about your week, what you have planned for the weekend?  What new thing are you thinking about trying?  What one thing will you do for YOU this weekend?


  1. How exciting with all going on & a weight loss too!!!! I must head over to your post after this!

    Me, I have rest planned for this weekend besides my Sunday run. I always need that & with all the teeth stuff going on, well, R&R is good! :-)

    Have a great one Jules & thx for your wonderful comment over at AFG!

  2. Somehow, I don’t know how but somehow, you happened to know that I needed those first words more than usual (because of course you wrote them just for me, after all, it IS all about me).

    “Take a moment, breathe deep. Think of one or two things you are grateful for! RELAX!”

    I’m spinning like a pin-wheel over here. I soooo need to just chill the F out! The Artist Way thing is coming at the PERFECT time for me. I need something to redirect my behavior issues. :)

    I’m going to have my first ever Artist Date this weekend. I’ve decided that she and I are going for a nice bicycle ride with our new pretty bicycle.

  3. Congratulations on staying true to your purpose. This weekend I’ll give myself permission to say “No” to overdoing. Learning to care for myself does mean I can’t be all for all. Missing my sister (who recently passed) is teaching me a lot about self care and your blog continues to support me. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations!

    Gradual and effortless weight loss is the best kind.