As the Bud Blossoms

Rose As the bud blossoms, so are the days of our lives….

2013 is a my year for metamorphosis and an emergence of the changes that occurred during my last4 years as Big Girl Bombshell.  She is still a part of me but not all of me.  Many things are contributing to this current transformation but two significant reasons are the launch of the Weight Watchers 360 and the completion of my book.

#1 Princess & I started the plan on August 18, 2012.  On our last weigh-in for 2012, the princess has lost just over 50 pounds and I 3.5 pounds.   Ironically, as I pondering during the holidays, to quit the hints of the 360 dropped in.

One thing I know about myself well, if I don’t believe fully in something, I don’t give fully.   The research and the change that the 360brings hit my core.   Yes!  These are the things I have struggled with each time I got frustrated with the scale while working the program.

Routines is the subject matter that has grabbed my attention fully and what I am focused on.  While I struggle to change my lifestyle, I didn’t look small enough or close enough to focus on my routines.  Auto-pilot of our routines is what fuels the habits.  Years ago, I prided myself on setting goals.  Breaking them down into small steps, with a technique my life coach had taught me, I would invest time in planning, setting target dates, and moving forward.

Today, in the current Weight Watchers magazine, I read the CEO letter, written by David Kirchhoff.  The last time he lost weight he admits was when he stopped treating it as a diet and started using it as a path to a new way of living.  Further more, he says there are no villains in this story.

Blaming people for being obese seems akin to blaming someone who lives in a bad neighborhood for being mugged.

Yes, we can learn to protect ourselves in our bad food neighborhood,

but ridiculing the victim is hardly a winning path to defeating the obesity epidemic.”

That includes ourselves.   We don’t need to ridicule ourselves and we learn to protect ourselves by using the power of choice as the protection.

That brings me to the second contributor to the current transformation.  The Book.   As long as I have been writing Big Girl Bombshell, I have talked about the book.   The intent and the story wasn’t so much about weight loss or even spirituality as it was how I have traveled on my own personal Yellow Brick Road, potholes and all, to learn to create a healthier relationship with myself.   The point for me was to publish the book BEFORE I achieved my OLD success measures of being good enough, popular enough and THIN enough. It was truly about the journey.  My journey.   and now it just continues on my yellow brick road and learning to walk around the potholes….

So take a look around.  Go to the home page and see for yourself a new spark and a new path  to an amazing year to believe in.



  1. Deborah (Schmiet) says:

    Am really excited for you with all of these changes… and a change in your tone and new optimism is inspiring.


    • Deborah (Schmiet) says:

      Oops, not that you weren’t optimistic before… but I could relate to a frustration or sense of hopelessness sometimes. (Am thinking of MizFit’s hope vs optimism vs faith recent post….!)

  2. am buying this week!!!!!


  3. Oh, your new look turned out awesome!! It is so creative, the way you took snippets and added the words to them (the heart, flying monkey, silhouettes). I love what you’ve done!

    This, however, stopped me short:
    “The point for me was to publish the book BEFORE I achieved my OLD success measures of being good enough, popular enough and THIN enough. It was truly about the journey. My journey.”

    It grabbed me deep, and brought into sharp focus how it’s only been recent for me that I’ve started to have that same mentality… to live NOW, and not wait “until”. To truly live fully while still on the journey. Thank you for sharing that!

  4. Meegan (redstar5) says:

    So looking forward to reading your words and the book. I’m spoiled already by my little preview and I’m waiting in anticipation. You have a heart as big as Canada and Tara and I are blessed to have you in our lives.

    PS – the blog is looking lovely! so Fresh and so Clean!

  5. I love the new look and am planning on getting your book! I am an audible gal but I do make exceptions for awesome ;) I have loved following your journey all along because you have heart. XO